Anyone still on here?

So I'm looking into moving to Prescott if my husband can get a transfer through his work. Anyone have any sage words of advise or anything you can tell me about the town would be helpful. I've checked out the city websites and what not but any other stuff you could add would be great.


Cars and Bikes

I ride my bike almost everywhere in Prescott, but I don't feel very safe.
Unfortunately, I have been:
-almost hit face on by a car
-almost got my bike stolen
-been honked at on the road, yelled at and flipped off by a woman in her car by the streets of Goodwin and Marina

What is the deal??? When I got flipped off, I was on the road, following the traffic rules for both cars and bikes. There is a pamphlet out there for bikers stating that bikes are considered cars and by law so therefore rides on the streets.

Maybe that woman had a bad day and me riding my bike slowly up the hill doesn't help. I have forgiven that woman for that incident, but I start to notice after a while when situations and other instences such as these add up.

What do you all think? I have a car too, so it is not that I don't know about riding around Prescott with a car. I know that bikers are not perfect either.
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Haunted Places in Prescott...

Here is a list and Stories of the Haunted Places in Prescott and how they became that way..

Prescott - Angeline's Grave - For years many people have seen the ghost of Angeline, a small girl, that rumor has it died in the 1800's from a plague, while traveling in a wagon train headed west. Several sightings of Angeline and experiences such as tiny handprints on the outside windows of cars, bad mishaps for those that try to steal her headstone, she has even been sighted near the area a few miles from her grave in search of her mother. Her grave is the only grave in the direct location area; it is fenced, has a headstone and a single tree and is located near Lynx Lake and Diamond Valley right outside of Prescott.

Prescott - Hassyampa Inn - Believed to be haunted by a woman and child, a bouncing ball is often heard.

Prescott - Head Hotel - Woman was killed in the bottom floor and you can hear her and she turns lights of and on. Also a very tall cowboy paces the hallways up and down the stairs shutting doors behind him. Lot of negative spirits are felt as well.

Prescott - Hotel Vendome - In 1921, the owner of Hotel Vendome, Abby Byr, ill with "The Consumption" was deserted by her husband when he went to get medicine and never returned. Refusing to eat or drink, Abby and her cat Noble passed away in room 16. Today, Abby continues to wait for her husband to return. Haunting the halls and rooms of the Vendome, guests have been recording their experiences at the hotel ever since. Those who stay in room 16 have seen her, felt her and report a wide variety of friendly encounters.

Prescott - Lynx Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast - Sharlot Hall - Visitors report cold spots, and feeling of not being alone. A definite presence in this room. The portrait in this room does not help that the eyes follow you wherever you go.

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Does anyone know if there's a web cafe in Prescott? I'll be staying there for a few days on my vacation and need to find a moment to catch up with my internet/geek life...


Tourist info

I'm thinking about going on holiday in early October and was considering stopping in Prescott for a few days. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what the weather would be like and where I could go online to find things to get up to.

Thanks very much.