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Cars and Bikes

I ride my bike almost everywhere in Prescott, but I don't feel very safe.
Unfortunately, I have been:
-almost hit face on by a car
-almost got my bike stolen
-been honked at on the road, yelled at and flipped off by a woman in her car by the streets of Goodwin and Marina

What is the deal??? When I got flipped off, I was on the road, following the traffic rules for both cars and bikes. There is a pamphlet out there for bikers stating that bikes are considered cars and by law so therefore rides on the streets.

Maybe that woman had a bad day and me riding my bike slowly up the hill doesn't help. I have forgiven that woman for that incident, but I start to notice after a while when situations and other instences such as these add up.

What do you all think? I have a car too, so it is not that I don't know about riding around Prescott with a car. I know that bikers are not perfect either.

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